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Website Design, System Efficiencies & Virtual Assistant Services.
What I offerAbout Me

Hello, My Name is Samantha…

I’m a website designer and virtual assistant.  I have a strong computer based background.  My love for computers started way back in the day when my dad brought home the vic-20. Although, that was mostly used to for playing games, I started tinkering with programming the games when we got the Commodore 64. I went on to take the first computer program offered in high school – a few semesters of programming in college – then on to completing a diploma in Digital Media Technical Production.

The Services I Offer:

Virtual Assistant Services: To compliment my strong computer background, I am very quick to learn new programs and software. I have a natural talent for seeing the most efficient and organized way to complete a task. I am ready and willing to help in any way I can.  To find out more, visit my Services page.

Website Design: I prefer WordPress, but I will use other platforms if necessary.  Aside from building websites, I also rebuild existing, do various updates, create new pages or posts, offer support and regular maintenance.  To find out more, visit my Services page.